This post probably will be beneficial for those of you guys who like to go out and party and have couple of drinks in weekends.

It has definitely happened to all of us that awful moment being over drunk and that terrible feeling of throwing up and finally…. Yeah. And following the next day being hangover and the feeling of dizziness and heaviness.

There are very important facts, which you need to be aware that what happens from the moment you throw up and how you can relief yourself with just a little secret food which you might not knew till today.

Vomiting as the result of being drunk causes a huge loss of of the body of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements, which our body needs to replenish these elements immediately.

Tomatoes are the secret fruits that can do the trick all by drinking a glass of tomato juice right after throwing up. Tomato juice can relief you from uncomfortable feelings you have after being drunk and due to its richness in potassium, calcium and sodium, it will supply the required lost elements to your body composition.

So, how to avoid being hangover the next day? Having a glass of natural tomato juice in the morning after partying will help you to over come the drowsiness feeling as a result of hangover.

So make sure you always have tomato stock to enjoy your weekend parties without being hangover the next days.