To get the best taste out of your salad, always chop the cucumbers with their skin on in the salad.

To hide the garlic smell in the food you make, add some finely chopped parsley, mint & cinnamon in your food.

To remove the egg shell fallen into the egg, just wet your finger and touch the fallen shell; it comes out easily.

To melt the frozen meat, just pour some vinegar over it; it makes it more tender and melts quickly.

In order to remove the dirt from sponge, just soak it in 2 cups of water mixed with 1/4 of salt overnight; it will remove all the dirt completely.

In order to prevent the mushrooms from being slimy and sticky wrap a thick tissue around them before putting them in the plastic bag.

To prevent bananas to ripen quickly, keep them unseparated unless you want to eat them.