Sana 10 min. 15 min.

Reduce the fever in just 2 minutes with this ancient remedy without use of medicine

This remedy works for children as well as adults and it works wonders in just a matter of minutes.

The Method: 

Take an egg from your fridge & separate the yolk from the white.

We will be needing the white egg.

keep the egg white in a small bowl for 2 minutes to reduce the fridge temperature.

Then whisk it lightly using a fork.

Using the palm of your hand, take from the egg white and gently rub all over the body of the person with fever and let it dry

keep the extra remaining egg white to use it again in case of need.

within 2 to 4 minutes you will notice the fall of temperature.

if the temperature rose again, repeat the same above action.

To reduce the fever of a baby, ancient people used to lie down the baby and put whole cucumbers all around the baby and the fever seemed to reduce quickly mysteriously by this method as well.