If you are looking for a best way to peel off your tomato as thin & easy as possible, then the hot water definitely is not the best way & option. Why? Because, by soaking your tomatoes in hot water and cold water again you cause some vitamins loss from your tomatoes & also they become so soft, mushy & messy due to heat.

Instead there is a better way to peel your tomatoes even better than hot water which makes you able to peel them as thin as possible without ruining them.

The Method:

Wash the tomato, put it in a plastic bag & place in freezer to freeze. Once its frozen remove from plastic bag & put it in normal water bowl for 10 seconds.

And peel it off, this method makes you able to peel it very thinly.

One Interesting tip:
Did you know, you can always directly put your tomatoes in freezer & not in the fridge, & once you need them just put them in water and peel quickly and use!

Watch the video below to see how exactly to peel off your tomatoes with this amazing method.