As much as pure honey can benefit us and play an important role in our mental and physical health, it can be that much harmful and damage our body if it is impure. Nowadays there are many products sold labeling as pure honey but they actually are not. So we cannot just believe what is it written on labels. Something beyond what the labels tell us. In Honey case it is significant to know if the honey we tend to use as a healthy choice and one of the role playing factors to support & promote our healthy lifestyle in replacement of those harmful sugars is actually what we want other than to be a sugar loaded syrup.

So follow the below tricks to find out whether the honey you are using is real & pure or not:

Test it using a glass of water

Pour some honey into the water; if disintegrates & mixes with water then it is NOT pure.  But if it form a lump and stays at the bottom of the glass without mixing with water then it is pure.


Try to immerse a tip of some cotton into the honey and try to burn it with lighter. Pure honey burns and impure honey does not burn.

Finger Test

Pour a drop of honey on your finger; if it runs around immediately it is impure; if it stays in one place it is pure.

More Tests: 


If you heat pure honey, it starts caramelizing immediately but if you heat impure honey it bubbles and never caramelizes.

Taste & Smell

Impure honey usually smells nothing or sour and the taste disappear quickly in mouth. Pure honey usually has an aromatic smell of flowers and the taste stays longer in mouth.

Bread Test

If you spread pure honey on a piece of bread, the bread starts hardening but impure honey does not harden the bread and just moist it.

Not sure how to do the tests? Watch my video on how to test the honey and distinguish whether is pure or not.