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Have you ever wondered the fruits and veggies that you buy from supermarket under the organic name are actually organic or not? Do you have any doubts that they might not be organic? Definitely you want to know with that much of money you are spending on them you want to really make sure that they are actually organic. I am going to give you some great tips and methods which you can easily find out if fruits and veggies are actually organic or not.

Method #1:


Organic fruits & veggies are usually ugly looking and you won’t find that perfect shape and shine usually you see in most of the fruits and veggies nowadays sells in supermarkets.  And they never look alike. It is impossible to find 2 organic produce of the same which they look alike. They always are different in shape from each other and each fruits & leaf is different.

Method #2:


Organic fruits and veggies are usually smaller in size and you won’t find huge sizes in organic fruits and veggies.

Method #3:

Smell & Taste

Organic fruits and veggies usually have more fruity smell and taste better. If you smell inorganic fruits and veggies they usually are smell less.

Also it has been said then the taste of organic fruits sometimes are mixed with some kind of sourness as well and not that sugary taste you get from inorganic fruits.

Method #4:


Organic fruits usually contain more seeds than inorganic fruits.

Method #5:

Worm & Insects

Finding worms & insects in your fruits and veggies is a good sign that they are organic. Insects do not exist in inorganic pesticide produce.

Method #6:

Shelf Life

Organic fruits and veggies have shorter shelf life comparing inorganic produce. Inorganic fruits and veggies might stay in your fridge for up to weeks but an organic fruit or veggie will expired soon within days.

Method #7:


Organic fruits and veggies cook much faster than inorganic ones.

Method #8:

PLU (Price Look Up)

Price code starting by number 9 in fruits and veggies price code label is an indicator that the produce is grown organically.

Method #9:


Organic fruits and veggies are usually higher in price than inorganic ones.

These tips and methods help you to pick the real organic fruits and veggies in supermarket and to make sure they are actually organic after buying them for your assurance.