So many might wonder how we can eat anything we like from yummy food and dishes to sweet heavenly desserts without being worried about being fat. Well I must tell you there some tips and ways if you follow you can have it.  I am going to show you the ways in order to be able to eat whatever you like and still stay slim.

The tips I will talk about are the tips which is tested by me and my friends and we got good results so I decided why not to share them with you. But before I go ahead, I must tell you do NOT go extreme with any of these ways and these are just based on my and my friends experience and nothing else.

The secret to stay slim is not what you eat but is how your body’s metabolism works. I have a friend that eats ANY THING, I mean anything but she is just like a narrow stick…. when I asked her about her metabolism she said that she goes for number 2 twice a day everyday and let me tell you that this is what if happens to anybody, he or she will stay slim no matter what they eat.

Now let’s get into the things we should do in order to speed up our metabolism.

Tip Number 1: Drink Sena leaves tea or powder… Sena is a herbal product from the Sena tree and it is found in forms of teabag, powder, pills or leaves. It is completely natural and nothing chemical. You can buy any of them you prefer and if it is powder, mix it with water, if it s leaves or teabag make some tea and drink before you go to sleep. This will speed up your metabolism so fast that you won’t believe it. Do it everyday for a week. then go alternate days for second week and then you can make it 3 times a week.

Tip Number 2: Use enema kit. You can do this everyday. It is actually very healthy to do that everyday if you can.  It will cleanse you bowel and speeds up your metabolism if you do that everyday you will see great results.  Do it 4 to 5 times for the first week in order to clean your bowel completely and you can reduce it to 3 times a week later or just do everyday as you wish. If you don’t know how to use it there are many videos on youtube showing you how to do it.

Tip Number 3: Eat dry prunes everyday during the day time and night time. This will speed up your metabolism if you continue to eat them and don’t give up.

Tip Number 4: Take shower in the mornings when you wake up before eating anything.

Tip Number 5: When you feel hungry, first thing you do is to make a cup of black tea and drink that first. This will give you a false feeling of fullness and makes you to eat much later that the time you wanted to.

Tip Number 6: Never take a shower when you just ate

Tip Number 7: Sniff Bananas – Sniffing bananas sends a message to your brain that you’re full. Smelling bananas before each meal will make you eat less,

Tip Number 8: Always eat one type of food as your main dish

Tip Number 9: Eat smaller portions of what ever you like to eat.