Sana 15 min. 30 min.


I am going to show you the method to how to fry lots of eggplant with only 2 tbsp oil to get a yummy tasted, real crispy fried eggplant taste but with very less oil. You’ll love the taste…guaranteed.

You can watch the below video which shows you how to do it as well…


Fill a pot with water, add 2 full tbsp of salt, under the high heat, cover it and let it boil.

Meanwhile waiting for the water to boil, peel & cut the eggplants to your order, you can use any type of eggplant with any cut…doesn’t matter.

Once the water started to boil, add the eggplants into the water, cover it and let if boil for 4 minutes (please set a timer for it).

After 4 minutes, remove the eggplants from the pot and dry them completely using some paper towels.

Now it’s time to fry them. we fry them as normally how everyone fries the eggplant but we use only 2 tbsp of oil.

under hight heat, add 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan and let it get hot.

add the eggplants and fry both sides to your order.

Once you finish frying the eggplants, you will see the oil still remains in the pan which means the eggplants absorbed very little oil.

Using this method of frying the eggplants gives the eggplants the same taste of real crispy & yummy eggplants that have been fried in a lot of oil, but with a difference that they have very little oil.