You might at first think what nonsense! We have been hearing everywhere that exercise makes you younger and younger. But wait! There is an important fact you should know about exercising. There is a negative effect, which always comes by exercising and those are called “Free Radicals”.
When we exercise, our body produces free radicals due to the stress of our work out; this naturally happens in order to recover and to build our muscles. How? During work out, we convert the fat & sugar in our body into energy; this process is called oxidation; in this process most of the oxygen in our body combine with hydrogen in order to produce water. 5% of this water contains Free Radicals.

Free Radicals are molecules that attack our cells in our bodies. For free radicals in order to stay natural & to keep their balance they attack our healthy cells in our bodies and they steal the electrons from our healthy cells leaving them damaged & this way it keeps happening to many of our healthy cells.

Normally our body has the ability to defend itself against these free radicals with antioxidants substances in our body. But when the production of free radicals increases and goes beyond our body ability to defend against them, that is the time when free radicals start damaging our body and one of its big negative effects is to accelerate the ageing.

When we exercise, the production of free radicals in our body goes beyond our body ability to be able to confront them and that is why exercise causes ageing in our body.


Don’t Worry! If you exercise, there is a way to prevent this.

Having lots of anti oxidants in your daily diet helps you to fight these free radicals and prevent the process of ageing in your body.

Your daily diet must contain Vitamin C, E & A, Selenium & Glutathione.

One miracle fruit that if you drink right after your exercise will kill your free radicals is A Glass of Fresh Tomato Juice.

Keep a healthy diet of consumption of enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and have a glass of tomato juice right after your exercise and you are all good to go.