Hey guys,

I am so excited about this new idea of a fully edible & yum christmas tree dessert which I am going to share with you. The christmas tree is made out of gelatine, ice cream & filled with beautiful & yummy fruits as well as some great edible decoration to make it an outstanding decorated gelatine based christmas tree ever. The method is very easy and has been invented all by myself & after a success experiment, I decided to share with you so you can impress you guests with this new idea dessert for this christmas.

What you need:

4 tbsp clear gelatine powder

5 tbsp green colour ice cream

4 tbsp sugar

1 whole seeded pomegranate seeds

2 litres water

1/4 tsp citric acid

& pearl cake decorations


The Method:

Make a Funnel using a thick plastic sheet. Use tape sticker to seal it creating a funnel mold. Make sure to seal it completely so the liquid won’t drip. Just fill it with normal water and see if any part drips so fix it before pouring the gelatine in it.

Mix 2 litres water & sugar & bring it to boil.

Meanwhile, mix the gelatine powder with enough water. Stir until the gelatine powder is mixed smoothly & then set it aside for 3 min.

Once the water boiled, off the heat & add the citric acid & stir until is mixed.

Add the gelatine powder which we set aside, into the water & sugar mixture & let gelatine to melt completely.

Separate 1/3 part of the mixture & transfer it into another container. (This part will be used for the clear colour layers in the tree). Leave the 1/3 of the mixture to cool down completely.

Add few drops of green food colour into the other 2/3 part of the mixture. Add the ice cream and melt it inside the mixture. 

Now its time to fill the funnel mold. In order the funnel to stand upside down, place it inside a tall jar.

Add some of the green mixture into the funnel. Add some food decorations. Use any of your favourite decorations pcs you like. It could be chocolate balls or edible pearls or glitters or anything you like.

Place the funnel in the fridge until it completely sets.

Once it is fully set, make the 2nd layer with 1/3 of clear jelly. Add pomegranate pcs inside the clear jelly so it will look like a tree decoration. Put the funnel in the fridge until it sets completely for the next layer.

Continue the layering process until the funnel is fully filled with layers. Make sure each layer fully sets before pouring the next layer.

If the gelatine mixture of which you pour in the funnel started to set, just make it warm under very low heat to get loose again;
Do not warm it too much otherwise it will melt all the chritmas tree layers when you pour it inside the funnel, once the gelatine is loose remove from the heat and continue layering.

After the last layer is poured, place it in fridge overnight.

For removing the funnel, cut the extra end parts of the funnel first. Carefully place it in your serving plate by making it upside down from the jar.

Warm the funnel using a hot towel. This is for the funnel plastic to get loose and come off easier. 

Cut the tip of the funnel mold.

Use a razor and carefully remove the funnel by cutting plastic pcs. Do this patiently & carefully so you wont damage the gelatine tree. 

Once all the plastic funnel mold is removed, you will end up having a beautiful decorated 3D Christmas Tree for your dessert which is fill with fruits & chocolate inside and a blend of ice cream outside.


Watch the below Video for see the step by step making this beautiful Christmas Tree.