photo credit: leo2109 Fruit & Veg Basket via photopin (license)

photo credit: leo2109 Fruit & Veg Basket via photopin (license)

You will be surprised to know that there is an item which can disinfect your fruits & vegetables even better than commercially sold disinfectants, Vinegar & Baking Soda. I am going to share with you some very interesting information which actually surprised myself after finding out about it.

Well, if you search the web you will find tons of information about using vinegar & baking soda with water solutions in order to completely disinfect your produce to get rid of dirt & pesticide residues. Its is very interesting about the facts you are going to know which also will surprise you:

1- Buying the organic produce does not mean you don’t need to wash them. Organic fruits & vegetables are for sure less exposed to pesticides but this fact does not eliminate the potential risk & one still can detect pesticide residues in organic produce due to cross contamination from the neighbourhood farms or the presence of pesticides already in the soil. So make sure you always was your organic fruits and veggies as well.

2- Research & studies show that there are not much difference between washing the fruits & vegetables with commercial disinfectants & plain tab water; so we are wasting out money by buying those commercial solutions.

More than 100 samples of fruits & vegetables were tested & very little or no difference found between washing them with plain tab water & or dish soap.

So here comes the alternative which many people suggest to use vinegar & baking soda at home in order to truly disinfect the produce from the dirt or pesticides; but wait …. you are missing a big fact here about using vinegar as a disinfectant factor.

And the important fact about using a vinegar as a disinfectant factor is that only & only if you use a full strength vinegar which is 5% then you can get a 100% removal of the dirt & pesticide residues off from the fruits & vegetables. So using a diluted vinegar is just partially better than tab water & can’t clean the produce for a 100%.

Here comes the problem. Using a full strength 5% vinegar every time to clean the fruits & vegetables is going to cost you because is obviously more expensive that a diluted vinegar and it is not economic to use this choice every time we want to clean our produce & the question here is what it has to be done.

Surprisingly there a better material which cheaper & even works better than a 5% vinegar which you can use and that is Salt Water Solution.

Using a 10% salt solution works better than anything else in order to wash your fruits & veggies.

Here is how you should prepare your washing solution:

mix 1 part of salt & 9 part of cold water and mix. Soak your produce into int and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse the produce under the running cold water and they are ready to be consumed. You can use the same method every time you want to wash your fruits & vegetables and use them with peace of mind.

To hear the interesting & beneficial information about fruits & vegetables and about washing & disinfecting them, please watch the below video: