All of us want to eat healthy meat. It is scary when we hear all about those weird stuff inside the meat we want to consume; all those extra hormones which make an egg into a ready grown chicken in just 40 days!!

Yeah, that’s what hormones do in order to accelerate the growth of a chicken. The problem starts when a chicken is slaughtered, still some of those  hormones stays entirely untouched between the skin and the meat so when we consume this very meat, all those untouched growth hormones transfer into our bodies.

These hormones are easily mixed with our cooked food ingredients; for example they can be mixed in our chicken soup and get into our body along with the soup liquid when we eat that soup. Even grilling the chicken will remove only a very little amount of those hormones in the chicken.

So the question is now what we can do to avoid all this? Definitely none of us want to eat that kind of meat right?

There is an easy and simple solution to this.  Marinating the chicken with lemon juice before cooking it will do the trick. It can minimize the hormone levels up to 90%. So use one normal size lemon for about one KG of chicken, rub it all over thoroughly and leave it for 30 minutes.  Drain the chicken after 30 minutes and you are ready to cook a healthy chicken meat.