This method is completely natural and easy. You do not need to use any chemicals over your skin at any part in order to bleach your hair. With the following method you can get bleached hair naturally and easily while enjoying sun rays.

What you need is only hydrogen peroxide and Sunshine.


Pour the hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle & spray it over any part of your body which you like to bleach the hair including your head & face. (close your mouth and eye while spraying onto your face)
Go under the sunshine after spraying and enjoy a sun bathe for 20 minutes and expose your sprayed body parts to sunshine. You might feel some burning sensation which is normal and it actually indicates that it is working.

Repeat this everyday or every alternate day and you will get more & more results. You hair will turn to a beautiful golden shade.

Tip: in case you get burning sensation that you cannot take it or think it is too much for you, just mix the equal amount hydrogen peroxide & water and spray to your body to reduce the burning sensation.