Here I am going to disclose 6 magical beauty secrets Cleopatra used that many few people are aware of; you will be surprised to know them. I have tried some of it and it really works.

Magic Secret 1

She used to use natural orange juice into her eyes for sparkling, one drop in each eye everyday. Its true. if you pour a drop of orange juice in your eyes, you will see your eyes sparkle like stars.

Magic Secret 2

She used to wash her face with combination of olive oil & sour lemon juice & rinse it with combination of water & apple cider vinegar.

Magic Secret 3

She used to use this mask often as her face skin care of combination of milk, honey, cucumber, red wine & clay.

Magic Secret 4

Her favourite face mask was warm donkey milk.

Magic Secret 5

As a body lotion she used combination of rice, beeswax, calamine, caster oil, cactus oil, apple cider vinegar, turpentine oil, goose fat, dill, fennel, juniper, mint & ginger, sulphuric acid & onion.

Magic Secret 6

Her magic creation for wrinkle treatment was combination of natural gum, beeswax, moringa oil & fermented plant juice