If you use this very simple trick using aspirin you will never buy those expensive stain removers from the super markets & it will save you money.

Yes; using few pills of aspirin can work wonders in order to remove the stains on your clothes specially the white ones.

So here is how you should do the trick.

Crush 5 aspirin pills and then dissolve the crushed pills into 8 litres (Apprx. 2 gallons) of hot water. We crush the pills so they dissolve quicker in the water.  Once it is dissolve, put the stained laundry into the solution and let it stay overnight.

Then put the laundry inside the washing machine along with few aspirin pills and let the washing process to finish. The pills will help to restore the whitness of the laundry.

Applying these effective steps will amaze you of the results without damaging your laundry.